Le Rivage
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Lorna and Leo


Welcome's you to our web site!

This is a celebration of Life and Love

and our home

Le Rivage

Le Rivage in Summer


 Well "Le Rivage" is not the worlds biggest house

but it's heart is large and friendly

at the side of the house we have Château La Bar-B-Q

Where some of the more interesting  dishes are burnt

"Le Rivage" is on the outskirts of the village of Largeasse in the Deux Sèvres

Our Luxuries include




and a Septic Tank for sewage

We are two minute's from the Cemetery (in case we need it in a hurry)

seven minute's respectively from the Post Office, Boulangerie and Co-Op

And about ten minute's  from the Church

All can be seen in Largeasse

Le Rivage in Winter